Day 2 Struggles: The Vast Options of Blogging & Kitty Dreams

It is only the second day of my blog’s existence and I’m already overwhelmed by the seemingly endless pages of blank internet space in which I am challenging myself to fill with my thoughts and stories and ideas for the next 362 days or so. It’s quite a daunting task and I think I’m getting stage fright (internet fright? blog fright?) or something because much like my blog, my mind is also relatively empty.

But seriously, what the heck am I going to write about for the next month, year, and so on (if this blogging experience goes well)???

Theoretically, I understand that there’s no real pressure. There’s no deadlines, no rules, no restrictions; I’m doing this for me. I can write about whatever the hell I want, I mean it is my blog, right? So why is my mind going completely blank? Where has all my creativity gone??

I’m convinced that I did have some creativity to begin with in the past 24 hours or so because I did manage to put together and publish coherent post last night/this morning. Other evidence of my creativity is that I succeeded in creating and customizing and editing my actual blog. Also, I dreamed about surfing cats. So there’s that.

No, seriously. Surfing cats. A kitten to be specific. I don’t remember the entire logistics of it. But there was this little grey striped kitten that I had saved from something…I don’t know, like a pond in some sort of outdoor mall. And I made the news and everything; “LOCAL GIRL SAVES KITTEN” and I was like San Diego’s hero for like the entire day. Everyone would come talk to me and tell me what a wonderful person I was and how much they admired me and would ask for my autograph. I was basically a celebrity. The kitten was adopted by a sweet elderly lady and everyone lived happily ever after, right? WRONG.

You see, the next day I decided to go surfing and the old lady just happened to be there too. With the kitten. In the water. And I was like, what the hell lady, why are you surfing with your little baby kitten after it just nearly drowned yesterday?? But she didn’t hear the confused angry tone in the thoughts I was furiously thinking at her (seriously why didn’t I shout or something?) so she saw a wave coming and started paddling, kitten on board. Alas, the duo was top-heavy and as the wave picked them up, they nose-dived into the water. They both came up out of the water spluttering and trying to get their bearing, the kitten struggling to swim. Little did they know that the surfboard had been flung up into the air and was now quickly on its downward descend. I began swimming towards them to warn them of the impending doom. The old lady dove out of the way just in time but the surfboard landed on top of the kitten with a smack. I flung the board off of him and grabbed the kitten in my arms, but it was too late. He was dead. He couldn’t survive the harsh blow to his head.

By this point, other people in the water and on the beach were just beginning to realize something was wrong. But all they could see was me, the kitten hero celebrity girl holding said dead kitten in the water with my surfboard. The old lady disappeared, as people often do in dreams, so the evidence was incriminating. Instead of the praise I had received the day before, I was now being showered with hate. “LOCAL GIRL TAKES KITTEN SURFING AND IT DIES IN AN ACCIDENT I MEAN WHO THE HELL TAKES KITTENS SURFING ANYWAYS?!” read all the articles and news and newspapers and newspaper articles and social media posts. Everyone hated me and I kept trying to tell everyone that I didn’t kill him, that I was trying to help, that it wasn’t me that took the kitten to the ocean –  it was that crazy old lady who is now nowhere to be found. People were so invested in the kitten’s short life story and were so upset by its untimely and tragic death that I couldn’t even go outside anymore without being bombarded by mobs of people who wanted to kill me with a surfboard in an “accident.”

The dream ended with a friend of mine making a Facebook page in support of me. This friend will eventually get a post or two (dozen) of his own at some point because our relationship is confusing, unclear, and very interesting. I was so surprised that he was the one who made the page and got a huge following of our friends and people in general to like and post in the page to show that not everyone believed I was a reckless surfing kitten murderer, because as in most relationships I have, I feel like I care about him and his well-being more than he cares about me. Overjoyed and feeling loved, I spent the rest of my day with him where I completely forgot about the whole ordeal and was able to put the kitten nightmare behind me.

So the dream got a happy ending after all. Except for the kitten. The kitten didn’t get such a happy ending. I woke up with a smile on my face, that quickly faded upon realizing it was all a dream and said friend didn’t really make a Facebook support page for me and in reality hasn’t talked to, let alone thought of, me during the past two weeks of winter break.

Dreams are weird. I mean, a kitten surfing against its will?! Wtf brain! I don’t really even like cats all that much, and I can’t remember the last time I went surfing.

Well, so concludes blog post 2, day 2. And it was surprisingly easier than I thought, once I got going. So, yay me! Yay for internet vastness! Yay for infinite blogging options! Yay for surfing cat dreams that although dramatic bring small moments of blissful happiness! Yay creative crazy sleepy brains!

– Jade Alexandra


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