I’ll Stop Wearing Black When They Make a Darker Color

Hooray, hooray! I’m feeling better today!

So much better in fact that I dragged myself out of bed, put on real clothes, did my make-up and went out for a little shopping spree. I had Christmas money and returns to make, it was bright and sunny outside, and therefore a perfect day for a stroll around the mall.

Although you wouldn’t be able to tell from the past week or so, I’m actually quite the fashionista. I love clothes and fashion and shopping and makeup. But when I’m at home on break and I spend most of my time lounging on the couch with my dogs and family, I don’t get dressed like I usually do when I’m at school. So it felt ridiculously good to go through my closet and put on some of my favorite pieces.

Upon speaking with my very best friend, who happens to also be my roommate and fellow fashionista, she told me that I looked like I should be in a 90’s R&B music video. And I sorta died because how cool would that be? Can somebody please transport me back in time and please make that happen?? Please? I’d love you forever.

photo 1 (6)

photo 2 (5)

Head to toe:

I got the beanie at a sale at Old Navy right after New Years. I’m stoked about it because I love hats and beanies. I have a massive head and tons of hair so as a kid hats never fit. Now I try to wear them every chance I get. The black goes with everything and can make any outfit hip with a gangster flair.

The denim jacket is literally one of my all time favorite pieces of clothing EVER. It, too, is from Old Navy and is my moms from ages ago. I got one at the same time as her, I was probably in fourth grade. I’ve worn the death out of mine, which is cropped with a lighter wash. I still love and wear it, but this past summer I found my mom’s hanging in this little coat closet we have, untouched and unworn for who knows how long. I was stoked when she said I could have it and I’ve barely taken it off since. If you don’t own a jean jacket, go get one NOW! They go with everything and can be worn so many different ways and fit so many different styles.

I got the little black dress at Cotton On. Cotton On is a hit or miss store with me. Usually when I stop in I don’t really find anything I like. But this dress was a steal; only $10! Every girl needs a LBD and this one is perfect. It’s simple and and cute and classic enough that it can be dressed up or down which makes it super versatile! I love juxtaposition so the bulky grungy jean jacket with the flirty little dress is one of my favorite parts of this look.

The shoes are platform cheetah-print sneakers that I got for cheap at Target. I like them because they’re interesting and funky without being too in your face and obnoxious. And they go with a lot of things in my wardrobe which is cool because I’ve gotten lots of use out of them. One of the worst things is buying something you love but can never work into your wardrobe and it sits in the back of your closet feeling sad lonely. I wore black socks with grey stripes scrunched up with the shoes…I have no idea where I got the socks. I tend to get socks for Christmas from numerous people I know so I’ve accumulated quite a collection.

Lastly, my gold chain necklace is literally just a gold chain. It came with a Vans brand wallet with the intention you could wear the wallet like a purse. I said screw that and used it as a necklace instead. So far it works so much better for me this way.

There is a lot of black in this outfit which is cool because it’s one of my favorite colors to wear. It’s simple and versatile and edgy and cool and I love it. So it’s no surprise my shopping trip resulted in me purchasing even more black for my wardrobe.

photo (4)

I bought:

A leather motorcycle jacket from H&M . Love, love, love. Can’t wait to wear it. And I sorta already did. It looked great with the outfit I already had on. Black on black on black. Sick.

I also got a little black belt from H&M along with some little gold studs. They were ‘buy one get one free’, and the earrings and the belt ended up being $3 for both. Score.

A leather studded purse from DSW. ON SALE! I”m really cheap, if you can’t tell. It’s actually kind of funny. I can count on one hand the number of things I’ve purchased full price. I thrift or only get things if they’re on sale or clearance. I think its important people know they can look great without spending loads. Because living a fashionable lifestyle can be a pretty expensive one.

AND LASTLY MY FAVORITE PURCHASE OF THE DAY: Authentic leather Dr. Martens omg omg omg I’m freaking out so hard. They were on the clearance rack at DSW for WAY cheaper than they’d normally be. They are the freaking most comfortable things I’ve ever worn. I have a burgundy/maroon/reddish colored pair that I adore, but these are the most supple soft beautiful things I’ve ever put on my feet. They are literal perfection and I may or may not go to sleep wearing them tonight. If you’re ever considering getting a pair of Docs, stop considering and just get a pair. Yeah they’re a little pricey but they’re comfortable and cool and last forever. My mom still has and wears a few pairs she had in high school. DO IT.

So yes! Today was successful. I got dressed in cute clothes, went shopping and got more cute clothes, and can’t wait to incorporate said cute clothes into my existing wardrobe. Hope everyone’s day was as wonderful as mine!

– Jade Alexandra


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