Blogging’s Hard When You’re Me

Hello to my blog that I can already tell is quickly going to become abandoned. So for all you nearly non-existent readers, CONGRATULATIONS! You won’t have to deal with avoiding my posts popping up in your news feed / reader-y thing very often.

My three day weekend was equally parts strange and fantastic….So essentially it was just a continuation of the week I had been having. However, the break from classes was the most important thing. And although I had some schoolwork, it was nice to have one less stress. I did lots of insignificant stuff this weekend that I can hardly remember though at the time these events were fun and enjoyable and also strange of course. Because it wouldn’t be my life if everything good and wonderful wasn’t somehow tainted in some unfortunate way.

I attended a basketball game against our school’s rivals. Our girl’s team kicked butt and the boys lost by one with 5 seconds left on the clock. So that was both exciting and sad.

I went on a super long hike that was hell on the way up but extremely enjoyable on the way down. By super long I mean 8 miles and in the heat of midday. However, I went with good friends and we had good laughs and saw some pretty good views from the top of the mammoth mountain we conquered two hours later. Fortunately, it only took us 45 minutes to get back to clean pavement and civilization after being surrounded by nature’s suffocating dust, scary insects, scratchy branches, steep rocky dangerous hills beauty.

I went to a dance that began as extremely strange and awkward, turned out to be a lot of fun and a fantastic stress reliever, and then ended extremely strangely and awkwardly again. So that was cool. Or not. I can’t decide. I guess I’ll go with “not” since I cried for a solid hour in the parking lot at midnight directly afterwards.

I visited my parents, got all my textbooks for this semester sorted, and tried to submit my passport application and failed, bursting out into tears at the post office when the lady told me I had the wrong version of my birth certificate. Like wtf, it’s not my fault that because the entire system changed after I was born the certificate my parents received on the day of my birth is no longer official enough to validly prove I am truly Jade Alexandra and therefore am qualified to travel to other countries. Yeah this section of the weekend was rough.

I did homework and went to a bonfire and had a long lovely dinner with a friend of mine who I enjoy immensely but don’t often get to spend quality time with due to opposite schedules and majors and social circles and whatnot. So that was lovely. I also was able to see the friend I was disappointed at not seeing last week. So that was lovely as well. Reunions all around and my desires to see certain people were satisfied (thank GOD I was going insane). Maybe a little too satisfied in a certain perspective. I just hope that the intense time spent together will pull us closer together rather than further apart.

I honestly do not know how I am going to continue with this blog. I swear to those of you who might care about the words I mindlessly spew on this computer screen that I will do my best to keep track of my thoughts and life on here as much as possible. I know writing more often and practicing the fine art of shaping thoughts into words and transferring them from my black hole mind to paper -slash-screen was a big goal of mine for this year, hence the creation of this blog. But when there are such things as 7:30 am classes and sleep, it’s really hard to see it as a priority in the moment. Same goes for homework and boys and crying over them in equal amounts; clearly MUCH more important than writing about said experiences. Right? Right? WRONG! I ACTUALLY LEGITIMATELY SUCK AT THIS SO HARD.

But that’s not too surprising, actually… Soooo, instead of talking about you know, important and thought inducing  topics like sex, self-respect, social constructions, injustice, and inequality (aka all things relevant to this weekend in one way or another) I’m gonna go to sleep.

– Jade Alexandra


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