80’s Skoolgurl (aka “Cool Girl”)

Well, what do you know. It’s finally becoming winter in SoCal. Although most of December was quite chilly, San Diego kicked off 2014 in true California fashion with spring break weather in the middle of January. So we packed away our sweaters and brought out the shorts and headed for the beach. I love warm weather and I never plan on living anywhere besides Southern California where I can get this rad weather all the time. But after much tanning and sweating, the clouds and cold started to roll in today and I was forced to pair my T-shirt and high-waisted schoolgirl skirt with tights and boots for classes today (you know since it was 70 degrees instead of 85).

photo (1)

Head to Toe:

OVERSIZED TEE – I adore this shirt and I didn’t pay a single cent for it. A neighbor  had a bunch of them lying around and gave my family some. Apparently it’s from the MTV show Rob and Big (hence “Big Black” being printed on it along with his face) which I never watched but it has a very thuggy, ghetto fabulous feel to it which I’ve noticed is pretty in right now.

PLAID SKIRT – This is my most recent purchase ($10 babyyy) and I’m already in love. The plaid blue/grey print is relatively small so you can’t see it in the picture. But it the pleats and pattern make it feel very schoolgirl which I love. Paired with the Dr. Martens, grungy tee, and my massive hair, the look definitely has an 80’s vibe.

OPAQUE TIGHTS – Seriously these are a must have. They go with everything (b/c black) and really help transition the wearability of clothes from the warmer months to the colder season.

DR. MARTENS – See, I told you I’d get good usage out of these babies.

DENIM JACKET NOT PICTURED – I threw on my denim jacket over the whole look whenever the sun hid away for a little while today which also  gave the outfit an 80’s feel. (Fun fact: If I could have grown up in any era it most definitely would have been the 80’s.)

What I loved about this outfit: simple (yet fashion forward), easy (to put together) , comfortable (to wear), versatile (since all of these pieces can be worn so many more ways), cheap (cuz nothing was purchased at full price). I’m super stoked about about the skirt and I cant wait until I get to wear it on a nice sunny day sans tights. Hope you all aren’t freezing in the polar vortex; I’d share some of my sunshine with you!

– Jade Alexandra


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