Empty, Lonely

The table is small, square. He’s seated by the window where the sunlight filters onto his blond hair. There’s room for two (or even three) but he sits solitarily, staring across at the unfilled chair; empty, lonely. The phone obstructs their lonesome gaze. The screen, a mask, covers his face as he aimlessly taps and scrolls. His hands are employed by only his phone, his fork, his fruit. They are not gesturing wildly, happily, telling stories and giving hugs or high fives. A voice calls his name faintly over the clamor of plates and chatter of tongues and for one moment they’re hired for a brush of the hair from the face, for one brief wave. Then they take off the mask and set it down; he’s entertained only by looking around. Downcast eyes gaze around the room as he chews, unnoticed by everyone. With both hands around his cup, he raises his coke to his lips and takes a sip. It lingers there, grasped by his hands as if it were a friend while the vacant chair stares at them. Unacknowledged by those passing by, he gathers his things and takes his leave. The table stands empty, lonely.


Just wanted to share a little piece of creative nonfiction I wrote for a class today. The concept of creative nonfiction is new to me; I don’t know if that’s because I’m stupid or because that fact that you would write nonfiction using your creativity was painstakingly obvious that I never gave it a second thought. Regardless, I have a feeling I’m going to learn a lot and really grow as both a writer and a person in this class. I’m blessed to have an amazing professor; an extremely talented, hilarious, intelligent, and caring man who is the perfect person to help guide me through this tumultuous semester of a new major and a new beginning. We had a 200 word limit to describe any scene (mine occurred in the cafeteria) to our best ability. I’m not completely satisfied with it but I think it’ll do for my first ever nonfiction assignment. I think.

Or maybe I just suck. It’s extremely possible.

– Jade Alexandra


2 thoughts on “Empty, Lonely

  1. Hey! It’s me again. I’ve read most of your writing. I found you when I was looking for some good content to read and followed you. I’ve decided I’m going to nominate you for the Liebster Award (http://godsbrainchild.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/the-liebster-award-i-got-nominated/). I love your creative writing. Despite what you think of your writing, I love it. God bless. I hope you keep blogging and writing and keep up the good work in college. Good luck.

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