Weeding the Garden

Sweat tangled in hairlines drips down two foreheads; one wrinkled with concentration, one smooth with wonder.  They toil on their knees.  Hot sun on brown necks.  Black soil under white nails. “Look for these,” she says to me, pointing out the wily green invaders.  It becomes a game, a mission. Kill the monsters, remove them from the soil bed, save the home of the sweet and lovely flowers. The sun burns and the sweat tickles and the knees hurt and everything’s covered in dirt but through irritation they persevere, making the soil clear for beauty; a young flower, a roly-poly.


Here is another piece I had to write for class; we had to draw a mundane task (opening the window, walking to the door, sweeping the floor) from a hat and then write about it in 100 words, taking the task from mundane to original and interesting. I drew “weeding the garden” and promptly recalled a memory of pulling weeds with my mom at a young age and being so hot and dirty and miserable but finding satisfaction in doing the chore because I found a roly -poly.

I do apologize for neglecting you poor blog, poor readers but alas, I am quite busy drowning in homework, staying warm in the cold that has set finally set in to San Diego, and trying to get on bed on time. The latter is not happening due to said homework and long late night talks with my roommate and sneaking around with a no good boy whom I hate to love and love to hate. And yet I can’t bring myself to hate his touch or the marks he leaves on my skin though it would be for my own good. I don’t hate the sun beating down on me as I sit outside surrounded by palm trees and ocean composing this post listening to Alt-J’s “Breezeblocks” though  it means I’m procrastinating on three different essays. So please bear with me as I try weeding the garden that is my life from boys and homework and poor time-management  in favor of actually focusing on my resolution aka writing more aka legitimate attention to this blog. And hopefully doing so will get me another roly-poly.

– Jade Alexandra


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