Poetry Procrastination

Hello, hola, aloha, hi. Don’t mind me, just procrastinating on a five page creative nonfiction paper due in three days that I have yet to start even though the assignment was given weeks ago. I don’t even have my topic yet. Cool.

In my attempts to write my piece for creative nonfiction I ended up just writing creatively. What started as a jumble of thoughts and dialogue in a big lumpy paragraph turned into a dumb lil poem. Please enjoy my terrible writing and sad teenage girl sappiness:

[Don’t You Remember?]

Baby, I miss you

Please come back to me

Don’t you remember

The way you kissed my lips?

The way you touched my skin?

Did you like the taste of my mouth?

The feel of my limbs?

Because I could hold you forever.

And don’t you remember

The way we lay side by side,

Your legs and arms tangled with mine?

The way I breathed out

And you breathed me in,

Our noses brushing;

Skin upon skin?

The way secret whispers in the dark

Were lighter than feathers?

The way we fell asleep together?

Don’t you remember?

Don’t you remember?

Because I could wake up beside you forever.


Now that I’ve got some lonely longing out of my system, maybe I can buckle down and bust this thing out. Here’s to hoping my creative juices stay flowing so I can finish my paper and maybe even get some of my loneliness cured later. Fingers crossed.

– Jade Alexandra


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