In Love with the 80’s

In true Jade fashion, I was feeling a bit of an 80’s vibe again today in terms of dress. Surprise, surprise. However, today I went a bit more Cyndi Lauper than schoolgirl punk. Bright colors, patterns on patterns, denim, Docs, a voluminous side pony and colorful statement jewelry make the look (though if I had lacy socks and pink Docs it would have been even more perfect). Today started out sunny and warm so the skirt and tank were perfect until the beautiful sunshine disappeared behind buzz-kill clouds who forced me into a cropped denim jacket.

photo (2)

(please excuse my dirty, makeup covered mirror that is giving the appearance of globs of mascara all over my face and legs)


Head to toe:

Pink statement earrings: a lovely gift from mi madre

Teal tank: purchased at Tilly’s for $4 in an Xl in the kids section aka perfect example of how ridiculously cheap ingeniously thrifty I am. It actually has a peplum bottom, which I tucked into the skirt. Its a super bright color, which is relatively abnormal for me as I’m usually drawn to black, neutrals, or muted darker colors but it’s a fun change. It’ll be perfect for spring/summer if it ever starts warming up.

Denim jacket: cropped, lighter wash from Old Navy years ago. I’ve worn the heck out of this thing and it’s still going strong.

Polka-dot circle skirt: found in my dorm’s community stash/donation bucket at the end of last semester. Super cute, super funky, super fun. And most importantly, super-free. Gotta love quality hand me downs.

Polka-dot scarf: used as a belt and gotten from who knows where who knows how long ago. I’ve had a few of these scarves since elementary/middle school when they were all the rage and I still work them into a look every now and then. Its hard to tell in picture but there are pink, green, teal and black polka dots all over it, literally tying in all the rest of the colors in the outfit. Ha ha, get it? Cuz it’s tied?? Okay ignore me.

Doc Martens: my favorite. Always my favorite.


Anyways, in other news I’ve just been plugging along, drowning in homework and tears and DayQuil. On top of everything I got super duper sick last weekend. I was so miserable I thought it was mono and skipped class on Monday to go to the doctors just to have them tell me it looks like an average viral infection I need to wait out. Cool. I think I’d just been overexerting myself; too much work, too much stress, and too little sleep and it all just caught up with me and caught my immune system off guard. I feel much much better today though, which is great. Because it means that soon I’ll be more productive with my schoolwork, actually be able to enjoy myself at the school’s dance tomorrow night, and maybe spend some time with a certain someone who will no longer be held at bay by my sore throat germs, dry cracked lips, and cough syrup breath. Hooray for being healthy and coherent and attractive and kissable again!

– Jade Alexandra


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