LOL I Got Nominated for a Liebster Award???????

Hello friends apparently I have been nominated for some sort of award for my blog which is weird because I either don’t do anything on here at all or I just complain about my life and tell you how many times I’ve drowned in my own tears since the last time I published a blog post. So I guess I should say thank you to Ponderings of  a Youth for finding my incessant estrogen driven ramblings even remotely interesting. Apparently this is some sort of chain-y type e-mail thing where I’m supposed to pass on 11 new questions to 11 new blogs without big followings so that…I don’t know…we formulate internet community and interest in one another’s blogs by finding out more from one another??? I’m not really sure. I am sure that I suck at chain things and I obviously suck at my blog because I’ve had this Liebster notification thingy for probably weeks now. Anyway, I’ve been asked 11 questions and I am going to answer them. So here goes.

1. If you were shipwrecked on an island and you could pick someone to have with you on the island who would it be? Name and relationship with your answer and why you picked that person.

I’m not going to get into the issues I have with shipwreck questions, I’ll just say that even though I know they’re hypothetical, something about them annoys me. Moving on, I’d probably take…..well it honestly depends. How long are we stranded on the island? Forever? A few weeks? A few months? A few hours? If it were only for a few hours, I’d hope to have my best friend and roommate with me. It’d be fun to chat and lay on in the sun on an island together. However, unlike me, she can’t spend hours at the beach doing absolutely nothing and she’d get bored and irritated easily which wouldn’t be fun for me. So if it were for anything longer than that, maybe my brother or my other best friend, who are more laid back and relaxed. We’d sunbathe and swim and explore talk and laugh and talk about books and stories and art and music and maybe make music and art and stories if there are materials for doing so on the island. I mean we have to do something to keep busy, right?

2. What kind of music really moves you? Singer? Song?

Really any music can move me. Obviously, the most impressionable songs are the ones that pair ingenious/believable lyrics that express something important and mean something to you with music that accentuates the feeling/emotion/expression that the artist is trying to present. When the music and the lyrics come together, it’s an unreal, inspiring, moving experience. But still, it is dependent on something interesting and unique about the song as well, the melody, the way the person sings, how they pronounce certain things, the length of the song….I don’t know. There are so many factors. Regardless, for me, one example of a song where it all just comes together is Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups. I also find the song Midnight City by M83 really moving as well. Then there’s my favorite artists, Lana Del Rey for example, who move me all the time but in a different way. The other songs are more standout impressions while Lana or Arctic Monkey’s AM album are moving and impressionable and relatable (and really really good constantly). Music’s confusing.

3. What do you like to write most?

I don’t know. It used to be fiction, but now I’m jotting out a lot of poetry because for me it’s quicker and easier to express my thoughts and feelings in that way when I have 20 million other things going on with school. But my poetry is terrible. As is my fiction. Sooo….what I like to write most is my thoughts at 4 in the morning or between classes. That are also terrible. HAH.

4. Who is your favorite author and what book of theirs do you like most?

Keeping in line with my terrible writing and literary skills, I don’t really have a favorite author. Oops? Like, I don’t know. I just like to read. And I know what I like and even the stuff I don’t always like usually I enjoyed reading. Maybe I haven’t read enough of multiple authors multiple works for me to really know. Honestly, is the author that important? I mean, yeah they wrote it but I guess I value what they wrote more than I value them? Does that make me terrible? I mean, currently my favorite book is The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but does that make Stephen Chbosky my favorite author?? I’ve read all of John Green’s works but I wouldn’t say they’re my favorite or that he’s my favorite….but if I had to choose my favorite of his it would be Looking for Alaska.

5. How did you become a blogger?

I sat down. Opened up my laptop. Typed “wordpress” into Google. Navigated to the site. Clicked “create account.” Chose a blog layout. Named it. Posted on it. Done. I became a blogger. Anyone can do it. If you’d like to know WHY I became a blogger, go find my first ever post.

6. If you were to die in one week and had to write your last blog post what would it be about? What would you title it? How long would it be?

I’d probably title it “BRB DYING, RIP TO ME LOL” and then go on to cry about how I don’t want to die and that I’m not ready and that it’s unfair because I’m a whiny selfish baby who thinks she’s entitled to life and eventually finding love and happiness and success, none of which are promised nor guaranteed for any of us which sucks. Knowing me, it’d probably be too long as I am terrible at keeping things concise and essentially write my stream of consciousness without editing. Also, if I was truly to die in a week, maybe I wouldn’t want to spend an hour writing on my blog. If I only spent 5 minutes on it, then I’d have all that other time to spend with my friends and family and maybe going to Disneyland one more time or getting one last embrace from the asshole who doesn’t deserve to be both the first and last person to kiss my lips.

7. What is something about someone you know that you absolutely hate?

Don’t get me started. I guess I hate that I know that a certain asshole both cares about and is attracted to me but is choosing not to spend time with me anymore for reasons that are beyond my understanding. I hate that said asshole told me one thing (ex: lol bye I don’t want to kiss your face anymore) but is doing extremely contradictory things like telling me he still wants to kiss my face. MAKE UP YOUR MIND YOU STUPID POOP.

8. Dogs or cats? Why?

Dogs. Loyal. Cuddly. Cute. Friendly. Unconditional love. Come in all shapes and sizes and personalities and levels of cute.

Cats. Give me allergies. Aren’t friendly. Aren’t loyal. Are suspiciously neither solid nor liquid. Are creepy. Are cute only on the internet.

Sooo umm…..yeah. Dogs all the way. If you’d like to know, I have three yorkies and they are the most adorable things on the planet.

9. What would you name your kid if you had one?

Seeing as generally the male species purposefully ignores my existence, I doubt I’ll ever get to this point have you know, having a kid to even give a name. Maybe I’ll adopt. I’m not sure. I’m just not at the point in my life yet to think about babies. I do like guy names for girls though.  So you  know, maybe if I had a girl I’d name her Dylan or Ryan or Blake. And I really like the name Beck for a guy.

10. How many times has writer’s block pained you and what gave you the inspiration that saved you?

Lol, like literally every day? As far as my stories/novels are going I’m still in a writer’s block and there is no inspiration. Typically, I can’t write anything unless I’m uber upset. If I’m happy and loving life, hell I’m not writing about it. I’m out there enjoying it. It’s only when I’m sad that I’m all like boo-hoo let me write and vent my feelings like waahh I’m an angsty teenaged baby. So yeah. Essentially heartbreak. Or other sad things give me the push to write. Typical.

11. What annoys you more, when someone says ‘like’ after every sentence or someone who has to insert profanity into every sentence that comes out of their mouth?

Either in excess is annoying. I don’t know if there’s a worse one. There’s unnecessary swearing, but I probably let profanities slip too often when they’re not needed. And there’s unnecessary “likes” but then again, I am a (half) white girl living in Southern California and I’m not gonna lie, my lingo is definitely sprinkled with them. But really, if you’ve ever tried not to say “like” when talking, you know it’s hard. We all do it.


Soooo yeah, there are my questions. I know I’m supposed to like tag more people now and comment on their blogs and ask 11 more questions, but I honestly do not have the energy. Maybe on another day. I really don’t even follow that many people to even have bloggers to choose from? I told you I’m bad at this blog thing guys. But, this was a good challenge/topic for a blog post so I encourage anyone who reads this, aka all 0 of you, to if you so feel inspired by this question thing to either answer these 11 questions in a blog post or come up with a few yourself so your followers can get to know you. Because, you know. Friendships and connections and interwebs. Yay.

Sorry for killing this award thingy by being a stick in the mud.

– Jade Alexandra


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