London Living

‘Ello  lil blog! It’s been awhile. Too long of a while. So much for my New Year’s Resolution of writing more. My last semester of school and summer got crazy with drama and finals and sickness and prep for my semester abroad which by the way I guess I should mention….I am in LONDON!

Yes London as in England as in the UK as in across the pond and yes it’s literally insane and crazy and surreal and all that jazz but little old me from little old San Diego who had never flown or been out of the country has now flown and is out of the country. I navigated massive airports alone, used foreign currency (they’re called pounds?? I still don’t understand the coins here), traveled on the tube (aka the underground aka public transportation aka I won’t drive or be in a car for the next 4 months), lugged my 50 pound suitcases all over the city, and moved into an international student’s residence called Lee Abbey.

So far everything here is amazing. For how nervous and stressed out I was about traveling for the first time and traveling for the first time all by myself, everything went well. No lost suitcases or delayed flights. I haven’t gotten lost and everyone here has been super friendly, helping me with my bags and pointing me in the right direction. Lee Abbey apparently is in an area called Kensington Gardens I believe…I still don’t know much of the city yet. Which apparently is in Zone 1…again..not quite sure what that means exactly except for that its a super nice neighborhood and celebs and rich people have flats and apartments here and the royal family lives not too far away. Everything is clean and pretty. The architecture is gorgeous, and the people are great. I’ve never been in a place so diverse. For America supposedly a big “melting pot” of people, we are surprisingly all the same. Maybe that’s because we’ve all been melted down into something similar. But here, there is so much diversity in race and ethnicity and language spoken and clothes worn and everything. When I was on the tube there were two Asian families, two black families, a few people who looked like they were from the middle east and maybe two people who were white/Caucasian/British whatever. I think it’s really cool.

And here at Lee Abbey, there will be students from all over the world here. I’m here with a group of students from my school and we are all studying literature and theatre and the arts and stuff with a few professors from our campus. But so far there are lots of kids from France and I’m sure as we approach August and September, usually the natural beginning of a school term, even more students will show up so I’m excited to hopefully make friends from around the world.

I arrived yesterday afternoon so I have today to rest and explore and settle in before my classes start tomorrow afternoon. My phone only works here when I have wifi, which is in rare spots like Lee Abbey and Starbucks, and even then I can’t make phone calls or send texts to non iPhones. And all my family are about 8 hours behind so when I woke up this morning everyone was going to bed so it’s extremely early morning for them right now making it difficult to talk to everyone when I want to. But it’s only my second day here so I’m sure I will get into the hang of things soon enough.

Breakfast here was a little strange…a poached egg with eggs….so I had toast and cereal instead because I was a little freaked out. I’ll have to see how the rest of the food is. But yeah, other than that, my room here is great. It’s really big and there’s three of us staying here (my roommates are cool) and we have huge windows that open up onto a little balcony that overlooks the street. It’s really nice. Last night it stayed light out until like 10:00 which was crazy. We were out walking around after dinner at around 9:00 and it felt like 6 in the evening.

Sorry if this post was all over the place. I really am hoping to write more while I’m here so I can document my journey and have something to look back on to remember my awesome time here. I’m taking a bunch of lit and writing classes here and this city is amazing and so cool and I am already more inspired than I was back in San Diego so I think my writing endeavors will go well. I was nervous about leaving home and felt weird about not being on campus with the rest of my friends but this will be good for me. I needed the break and the change and to get away from the drama and just doing the same thing every day.  I can’t wait for the rest of this adventure to get started!

Will write again soon!

– Jade Alexandra


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